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Blessed Empire prides itself on being a friendly, inclusive, and knowledgeable online gaming guild. We love games! We love gaming together!

While we expect common sense behavior within the guild here are some guidelines we enforce and ask our members to respect.

All are Welcome!

We are a home for any race, socio-economic background, sexual preference, political leaning or religion. We are united by our love of gaming and our desire to excel in the games we play, but not by any real world biases. This rule is pretty inflexible. If you are prejudiced towards a specific group. Our guild is not for you.

Both Hardcore and Casual Players

We love them both! We are a home for both! The truth is most gamers flip flop between hardcore and casual as life permits, or fall somewhere between the two. To ensure a peaceful co-existence, we regularly run events and voice channels dedicated to both types of players. We will teach anyone everything we know about a game. We do not care how much you play. 


Please note we are a mature guild, we can't promise topics or language will be suitable for minors. On the flip side, we expect a mature attitude towards problem solving, patience when attempting challenges and an overall good vibe.

Law Abiding

With no exception should any illegal conduct take place in our forums, on our voice servers, or in games. Anyone doing so will be immediately expelled and if necessary reported to the proper authorities.

Be Classy

We like our members to conduct themselves in a classy fashion both in game and in other game related forums. We have a good reputation in the gaming community for fairness and leadership. We are not looking to tarnish that.


If you see a BE member that is not following these guidelines, please contact us on our members forums. We will investigate and take necessary actions. Complaints lodged in the public forums will be deleted. You do need to register to access our member forums.


Complaints may be lodged from people outside the BE guild and will be taken seriously.

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