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05/10/2016 7:03 pm  

Now is the time to come play with old friends in an awesome game. Especially since ESO has launched One Tamriel on October 5, 2016. A bunch of have been playing ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). I personally played BETA in 2014, but was not very impressed. However, I picked it up again on a Steam sale at the recommendation of some fellow guildies (saint George and Esha) and was amazed about how good the game is.

The game is deeper than WAR was, it is easily the best MMO I have played for PvE, Immersion and for PvP it ranks in the top 3 (might even be number 1), time will tell. Anyways all members of the empire I seriously recommend you come join us. It is the first game since WAR, where I feel the magic rekindled.

Contact me in game @NationX for an invite to the guild. Later this week, I will be sending out a newsletter to all our old guildies. The first three to give it a try, I will buy the game for.

You can read more about ESO in our private forums.

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