Who We Are

be_logoxThe Blessed Empire has been around for over a decade in various forms and games, predominately MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games). We are a band of friends, family and sometimes disgruntled companions. The things we excel at are, maturity, tenacity and becoming better team players. In every game we have played we have eventually come to dominate. We are not elitist though, we take the games seriously but we do it in order to have fun.

The Blessed Empire guild has both casual and hardcore players. We have evolved methods to accommodate both types of player. In fact, given the fact that we have been around so long, a lot of life events have happened for our members, thus naturally oscillating their gaming tendencies between all-consuming to logging in in frequently. Many of us have grown up, virtually, together. Births, deaths, marriages, moves. We do stress a priority on RL (real-life) so are naturally understanding of such things, and promise not to rage, if your dogs or kids need you in the middle of a big battle!


We started out in Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs). MUDs for those that don’t know are basically the text based forefathers of our current MMORPGs. They could have deep complex systems like current MMOs but lacked the graphical element. It emerged from the depths of dial-up and BBSes.


The first incarnation of the Blessed Empire guild was on a MUD based in Toronto called Realms of Despair. It was hosted by the now gone iDirect dial up ISP. We did play a few other MUDs preferring the Diku MUD code base variant. Some of us were actually developers on these MUDS.

When the first graphical MMOs came out. Here is a quick summary of the Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game timeline. We played these to variable degree, some games had the magic and some didn’t. We also played games not mentioned here (under 6 months)

  • 1997
    • Ultima Online
  • 1999
    • Everquest
    • Asheron’s Call
  • 2001
    • Dark Age of Camelot
  • 2003
    • Star Wars Galaxies
  • 2004
    • World of Warcraft
  • 2007
    • Lord of The Rings Online
  • 2008
    • Warhammer Online
  • 2012
    • Guild Wars 2
  • 2016 (Present)
    • Elder Scrolls Online

warIn 2008, specifically, Warhammer Online, things were firing on all cylinders. The guild had literally thousands of friends and members and could influence the outcome of entire campaigns. DAOC, WAR and WoW are really the three games that taught the guild teamwork in both tactical and strategic objectives.

In WAR we logged many, many hours. However, bad design choice after bad design choice, eventually drove us away. From the outside looking in, it felt like the game lost direction after Mark Jacobs departed Mythic (EA).

The time between 2011 to 2016 were the shadow years, we had people move countries, play different games, have babies and all those things people do. We played Rift, Aion, Star Wars: The Old Republic…… but it was never really the same.

A lot of us kept in contact through various means, email, Vent, Facebook, but there was never a central point for all members to keep in touch.

Then a few things happened:

In 2013 Mark Jacobs, creator of DAOC and WAR announced a new game on Kickstarter called Camelot Unchained. based on all the PvP and RvR things this guild holds dear. Nation was the first $10k Dragonwhale sponsor of the game without hesitation.


2014-2105 Nation and Blessed Empire actively backed the game. He reached out to other old guildies to back the game as well, if they were in a position to do so. At the same time Nation flew out to meet some members in RL, to catch up with old friends.

In 2016 Nation went out to City State Games to meet Mark and the team. The guilds passion for games and the gaming community was rekindled with full force.

In the early summer of 2016 we started playing Elder Scrolls Online. When it launched in 2014, it was not worth playing, but in 2016 it is a better game than WAR was at it’s peak.

In the fall of 2016 we launched this iteration of the BE site. To provide those members that want to a platform to communicate, keep in touch and most of all play MMOs together.

We hope to meet new friends, rekindle companionship with old ones and as always respectfully fight our enemies in the battlefield (and occasionally the forums).